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Capream is Driving Innovation & Market Demand

The United States is ten to fifteen years behind Europe and other parts of the world in Goat Dairy Production and Market Consumption.


Capream is a pioneer in Goat Dairy Nutrition and aims to position the United States as Global Leader in Goat Dairy Livestock Genetics and Advanced Nutrition.


Capream Dairy LLC is exploring partnership opportunities with strategic investors, agribusiness, dairy operations and specialty foods companies for commercial scaling and national and international expansion.



Capream is advancing the goat dairy industry with its creative approach to product and market development. Capream is an innovative company that recognizes the market opportunity and consumer demand for high-quality products and has already pioneered specialty products such as gelato and is growing sales with several Arizona natural and specialty grocery store chains.

To address the shortfalls in supply for high-quality products in the market and bridge seasonal gaps in availability, Capream Dairy is seeking to increase production and operational capacity at its current facility in Prescott, Arizona, and to expand to a new commercial manufacturing facility in proximity to the primary dairy in order to support Capream’s growth in Arizona, regional and national markets.


This growth and expansion phase will strengthen Capream’s position as a market leader, drive market demand for high-quality fresh and frozen goat dairy products and enhance Capream’s ability to advocate as a producer on be on behalf of the livestock and goat dairy sector, thereby fortifying the long-term prospects and economic viability of the fast-emerging goat dairy industry.

For further information about partnership opportunities with Capream Dairy LLC, please contact us at contact@capreamfarms.com

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